You Shall Be RestoredThe world is being created and destroyed in this very moment. Whoever you met will reappear, whoever you lost will return. Don’t betray the grace that was bestowed on you. Understand what is going on inside you and you will understand what is going on inside everyone else. Don’t imagine that I came to bring peace. I came with a sword.
~Paulo Coelho

We have entered the, “Age of Aquarius” armed to the teeth. The religions of the world are showing themselves to be, “Empire” intent on gathering your money and trickling down a stunted version of what your true spiritual power really is. (If you knew, they’d be out of business and their money streams would cease.)

Remember, the theme of this blog is Henry J. Kaiser’s statement that:
“Every problem is an opportunity in work clothes.”

In short, to date, the United States is not in a “Recession,” it’s in a New Depression.” If they don’t tell most of you, you wouldn’t know, right? Don’t worry about it though because more millionaires were made during the Great Depression of 1929. (It’s no small accident that “we suffer” a Recession at the end of every Republican presidential administration.)

We will begin exploring how we can economically and spiritually use this time…. NOT to complain nor suffer… but to reexamine, readjust, and flourish.