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Times change. Thailand still enjoys the reputation it had in the 60s and 70s. Drugs, wild parties, friendly people.

That’s changed. The heroin producing area of the Golden Triangle now grows coffee. The wild parties in areas like Phuket are prey to beatings, robberies, rape, and extortion. The friendly people are some of the most racist I’ve encountered in any country anywhere in the world. Things…. change.

Somewhere, Nigerians got the brilliant idea to come to Thailand and sell drugs up and down Bangkok‘s most heavily trafficked tourist areas. Six months ago I saw many of them sitting menacingly up and down Soi Sukhumvit. I don’t see them anymore. Things change.

If you’re a foreigner of any nation, DO NOT come to Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, nor Singapore with the intent to sell or distribute drugs or pimp women. If you’re black…. DEFINITELY DO NOT come to Thailand to use or sell drugs. Jails are full. Thai Police are rumored to be shooting suspects dead before they even stand trail.

There are tons of videos online about tourist from every nation who end up in Thai jails and prisons. Trust me… YOU DO NOT WANT TO END UP IN A THAI MONKEY HOUSE.

You don’t even have to do illegal activities to end up in a hellish Thai prison. It’s common practice for cheating Thai girlfriends to plant drugs on “boyfriends” and get paid for it. There is no “easy way out” of doing one’s Inner work.