It takes a lot of blessings for a person to bring his gifts to the world–and this is especially true for men. Every culture has a “Twin Story”… Hansel and Gretel, Caine and Able, Romulus and Remus… the twin that God loved, and the twin that God loved not so much. The spirit of the mythological twins are not only in those younger men who seem so angry at older men…. but that they are within us individually. The trouble rest in that without the older men–not only the younger men are lost… but a very important piece of the culture is missing for everyone else too.

In an increasingly divided society with addictions rising, to maintain a sense of personal well balance without becoming dependent on one substance or dysfunctional coping pattern or another

Older men are having a hard time being Elders to younger generations throughout the world. Social Media and Social Engineering have severed the ties between us and that is unfortunate not only for younger men–but also for older men. We need each other.

As I aged, I couldn’t understand why so many younger men seemed to direct anger at me. “Don’t they see my silver crown? Can’t they see I’m not in their age group?” Well… the need for Drama and Narcissistic Supply doesn’t give a flying … flip.

Today’s Time Spirits

Malignant Narcissism is one of the most prevalent personality traits among people today. When raised with phones, Social Media, video games instead of playing outside with peers… we’re not functioning in a society conducive to healthy relationships with others. The Malignant Narcissist destroys EVERY relationship he or she has–regardless if they’re romantic or platonic… they only want to use you, or take a sick pleasure in destroying you. How can productive mentoring and blessing take place with this dynamic in operation?

The Criminal. This is one of the most corrupt times in history. Why is it so alluring to idealize a lifestyle that destroys self and others? Well the CIA controls the entertainment business and five corporations now own everything. The super rich doesn’t want the masses to work together. Look at how devastating the past 40 years of romanticizing criminality has been. Addiction is epidemic and mental illness continues to rise on both sides of the Atlantic. Nothing here conducive for Elders to mentor young men and women into how to navigate the waters towards a good and happy life.

Borderline Personality Disorder. DRAMA. “Come here– go away” are trademarks of BPD. More Borderlines are killed for their behavior and more are kill others than any other Personality Disorder. Rap Kulture is Borderline Culture. Borderline and CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress) overlap and mimic each other at some points, but very different at others.

These alone are enough to destroy mentoring to the next generation. There are so MANY forces at work to divide not only the black community but to polarize all Americans from cooperating with each other. Not all are Social Engineering. Some are flat out policies that rich lawmakers have put in place. In his book and videos, investigative reporter, Tom Hartmann, names the dates and policies they called, “Too Much Democracy.” Anyone reading this needs to click on that link.

What you feed your mind tilts your archetypes of consciousness into either negative or positive manifestations. Archetypes are the building blocks of our consciousness and they are alive within us– and many are so greedy that they will take us over if we’re not careful. (For instance, Evil too is an archetype that is a force in the Universe that is also very contagious.)

So if you tilt your psyche irrevocably towards its negative– you’re fucked. Turning yourself into a sociopath or Malignant Narcissist means you’ll never experience love nor live anything close to a functional life. You’ll basically end up destroying yourself. But if you haven’t completely altered your personality structure, there’s hope.

End game? The King– not the Tyrant. The qualities of The King is that he likes to SEE his subjects and admire them. The King in his healthy psychological manifestation wants to make the world a better place for his subjects to inhabit. “The Tyrant.” The grandiose narcissism that develops makes the same king desire to be seen by his subjects instead. He wants their money and adulation rather than to improve the quality of life for them. We see that in Donald Trump today.

There are many ways for this archetype to manifest within us and sexuality has nothing to do with it. There’s no ONE size fits all… but each man needs to follow a path of self-actualization to reach this phase of maturity. (Of course if your thinking keeps you immature for life–you’ll NEVER obtain this stage of maturity.)

What’s desperately needed now is to change direction… do exactly the opposite of what most have been doing for the past 35+ years. Fuck Hip Hop and Rap. They are your WORSE enemies. They are the Forever Boy… and girl. Self-loathing teenager. Life imitates art. Find higher, more intelligent “art” to imitate.