Arriving, you automatically know Washington D.C. is both the capital of this powerful nation, and also a Southern city—moving simultaneously swiftly and slowly. Grand monuments, acres of concrete, and suits are everywhere.

Hot and muggy, with a thunderstorm threatening, men in short sleeves and women in summer dresses mingle in casual-tenseness with the many uniforms that inundate The District. Metro City Police, the Park Police, the Secrete Service Police, Homeland Security are just a few.  Members of every branch and rank of the military are present in such numbers that it is impossible to forget where you are.

But “New Rome” also carries every social issue present in each of its states. Poverty, mental illness, addiction, homosexuality, prostitution, crime, domestic abuse, and illegal aliens are tips of the iceberg.

Wait- is homosexuality really a “problem”… or are the attitudes our Social Engineers instruct us to view this issue more the problematic? Naturally this brings up religion. Where would Jesus be if he were here now?

This week, the International AIDS Conference is being held in Washington. African Americans continue lead all ethnic groups with new rates of HIV infection. Doesn’t it strike you as a giant,“FAILURE” that black churches aren’t leading the ranks of volunteerism in caring for our own people? Needle Exchanges, Hospice work, and meals for the sick are just a few of the ways the African American church could demonstrate Christ at work today. It seems more logical that “Jesus” would be on the front line of this epidemic instead of sitting with Pat Robertson (and other CIA-sponsored Religious Right Wing-nuts) comfortably debating the ways we should kill Muslims.

Mainly this blog will discuss what I see as I travel. Not only the opportunities masquerading as “problems,” but I will seek to raise the reader’s awareness of how he or she can increase the quality of life in various parts of the world. This blog is designed to make you think … challenge you… as well as provide you with information I deem valuable. I want to set you free. I want you to be as happy and economically secure as possible. I welcome all comments and suggestions.