rail.iw.016-1.jpgBlack people are historically and politically positioned on a train track with two locomotives heading at them from both directions. Globalization is just another word for, “One World Government”… which we are pretty close to right now.

We have HAD to fight against the powers that be for our survival.
Europeans, Arabs, and Latins have–for centuries–sought to oppress, enslave, and rob, rape, and slaughter us. But has our REACTION to oppression become ineffective… even counter productive? Some are so brainwashed by their REACTION to racism that they foolishly think joining with Arabs and Muslims will be their salvation … when it’s clear that these people:

  • Were the FIRST to stab us in the back with the first African Slave Trade on the planet
  • They’re STILL raping and enslaving sub-Saharan Africans
  • They talk to you like dogs when you enter their stores
  • And they won’t let you date or marry their women

Why Current Politicians are Against Us

Politically we’re stagnant. I’ve noticed some whom we call Uncle Toms, Aunt Jemima, “Bourgie,” and turn-coats may actually have some insight to at least look at… and this is a statement that I NEVER thought I would make. See, we can’t depend on our politicians because politicians rarely create something new. Instead, they see a parade or march coming down the street and put up their sign and proclaim, “THIS IS MY MOVEMENT” so they can get elected.

Why We’re in the Crosshairs

When looking at the groups the Trump administration is lined up to attack… Mexicans, Blacks, Women, Students, and the LGBTQ community, we see a clear line of connection back to the groups who were in the streets during the 1960s. Conservatives … people who can’t take responsibility for anything they do or have done… concluded that in order to maintain control over society, these groups would have to be oppressed. In fact, almost EVERYONE would have their standard of living and wages oppressed for purposes of control.

When I was growing up, my working class mother and father with a high school educations bought a house, car, and had leisure time to enjoy their lives. Even after their divorce, mom continued to make the house payments, join various clubs, church, and civic groups as she took classes at the local community college where she finally finished her A.A. Degree. The government paid for that generation’s education. Now? Students Loans comprise a TRILLION DOLLAR debt … more than the assets the “Greatest Generation” had after WWII. Leisure time? Now a couple who both have Masters Degrees have to put their heads down, work over time, and keep their mouths shut in fear of not making the mortgage.

Accident? No. Conservatives continue to believe that SLOW growth is the way to maintain control. If wages had kept up with productivity since the 1940s, a kid coming out of high school would be earning $22 an hour as minimum wage. Thom Hartmann documents this in this video, “The Crash of 2016” … which should be, “2017.”

Too Conservative

Another problem with current Black Culture is that it’s far too conservative in its values. Our preachers are trained to teach us Christian Fundamentalism … a form of religious thinking that takes everything literally even though the bible clearly states: “These things are allegory…” (Galatians 4:24) … meaning the bible and other religious books are written in a code that uses astrology, the Hebrew language, numerology, science, metaphor and allegory to get its deeper meanings across.

Conservative = To Conserve… not change. We don’t live 2,000 years ago, and for blacks dreaming of going back to some kind of mythical “Pure Land” of ancient Kemet / Kush (Egypt), we certainly don’t live in a 4,000 year old society. We don’t ride camels through the desert… we drive cars and ride around on steel chariots through the skies.

Religion is Mythology made physical into ritual.
When you read (or view videos) of scholars like Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, and Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan  Even some of the most radical young black “spiritual seekers” who denounce Christianity lapse right back into it when homosexuality or transsexuality comes up. Why? For one thing we were taught by FEAR. The other is … Ego. “Spiritual Materialism” rather than the humility that true spiritual growth demands. Again, when you ask one of these zealots who immediately run right back to Sodom and Gomorrah… a question like, “HOW do you rape an ANGEL??” … their eyes either freeze like a deer’s in headlights, or they roll back in their adolescent thick skulls.

YOU CAN’T RAPE AN ANGEL … and what on earth IS an “angel??” A photo of light? Some super human being that flies around on wings? Super tiny things that makes us wonder… “How many angels can fit on the tip of a pen?” The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is actually one of compassion… returning to the old man’s house is returning to your old ways, etc…

So with this kind of outmoded thinking, no wonder so many people are experiencing mental illness, drug addiction, food and sex addiction, as well as alcoholism… and don’t tell me you just HAVE to smoke weed because, “it’s natural.” (smh)

“The Only Constant is Change”

What worked in 1959 won’t work in 2017. I don’t know where he got it… but Heraclitus was right. What new strategies can be developed to handle new problems? Traditional – Fundamentalist (i.e. Southerners) can’t handle such questions. Fundamentalism isn’t about love, it’s about CONTROL. No great analytical philosophy or work of art or literature comes out of Conservative Fundamentalist minds. (Regardless of the religion.)

We have to educate ourselves to the reality of the direction the world has changed. They’ve been turning this ship on a new course for the past 32+ years…. it only LOOKS like a corporate Coup d’Etat. The United States has NEVER been a true Democracy. It began as a Republic with the warning: “Let’s see if you can keep it” .. and we all failed. Every system of government eventually becomes an Oligarchy … and that’s what we have now.

Blacks WON the Civil Rights Movement on MORAL Basis

And that’s where we’ve most been attacked every since. Once you demoralize a person, you don’t have to do anything with him or her… because if their self-esteem and world view is based upon the “sins” of a 2,000 year old desert culture designed to control and revised to divide and conquer, people taught fear will attack each other before they go up against their “Masters.” (By the way, every scholar points out that your God should look like YOU.)

What is morality to an amoral opponent? Didn’t the so-called “Christian Evangelicals” vote for a First Lady who made her living selling her images–many of which are pornographic… bare breast with huge penis spilling com on them–and a con man known for his lies and deceits? How many times has Trump been married? He boasts of grabbing women by their “pussies” and doing so with impunity.

So instead of crying about hypocrisy… because we too are porn lovers… we should look at what’s coming in the future and align ourselves with making ourselves as valuable as possible … and perhaps the first thing we need to do is get rid of all that Koraporate financed Gangsta Rap and the bad Hip Hop that massages the ego as it dumbs-down the listener.

Perhaps we can write a new contract with The Machine

Look at what’s coming in your future:

Transhumaism – in less than 30 years, “Super Humans” will be a reality. “Transhuman is not a specific thing, it’s a space of possible things, encompassing human intelligence enhancement through DNA, drugs, gene therapy, gene splicing, brain-computer interfacing, brain to brain interfacing, or telepathy through AI and maybe other techniques we haven’t even considered…”

AI – Artificial Intelligence is only going to improve and it will put a LOT of people out of work. What careers can you study to build as much stability as possible?

What are our strengths? Blacks are as individual and pluralistic as any other group of people… but typically, culture has funneled us into areas of excellence in the arts … musicians, poets, athletes, farmers, horsemen and animal caretakers, truck drivers, nurses and other medical caretakers, teachers and foremen, food preparers, military and policemen and women, etc…

Some of these careers like middle managers as well as accountants and bookkeepers will be phased out by AI. But so far, machines would make good artist, musicians, scriptwriters, nor be able to articulate the dreams and myths of the age. Perhaps far into the future… but not now.

Criminals. Every culture has its “Mafia” and many argue that we need ours… but not these pants sagging gang members who prey upon each other and lack the true courage to face their real fears, hence who are more likely to end up on a psych ward than financing a coffee shop or a major movie. Culturally, our best and brightest don’t gravitate to crime, so jails and prisons are filled with blacks of less intelligence or education. Should some blacks gather to cooperate and build syndicates that support the MUTUAL uplifting of themselves and black culture, they would be heartily embraced and given hero status. BUT, because whites have weakened themselves by “White Flight” tactics for so long, they would probably project all their worst demons on them and do all they could to kill and imprison them.

Ironically, there’s so many younger blacks who are declining the myth of the anti-hero that the Prison Industrial Complex is getting desperate enough to finally start going after white criminals. They’ve already targeted their new white market share:

“Market research shows that the largest growth sector for
illegal behavior is in corporate management.”
[full story here]

So joining the military or one of the hundreds of police agencies would be a better choice. A young person doesn’t realize just how fast 15 to 20 years goes by and only a few percent of active duty personnel ever see combat. For the rest… it’s just a job. And if you get hurt, you’ll have coverage for the rest of your life. People bang up their knees just jogging to the car. And if you live some place like Washington DC, where there’s a K-zilllion different guard and police agencies … parks, monuments, this agency or that… then having a gun and a badge to protect your family is HIGHLY advisable.

Cultural Trends like Finger Nail Shops: Communities that work together have success. I also look at how Southeast Asians came here with little education and not a huge grasp of English and carved out a chunk of the market for themselves with fingernail and donut shops. We have a history of service… so creating small hotels and expanding would be a good idea… BUT … Gen X and Gen Yers will have to engage in some strong PR (public relations) and marketing to distance them from the sterotypes of bad attitudes and chest beating egos. No tired traveler wants to check into a motel and have a mentally unbalanced desk clerk yelling, “I’M A GROWN ASS MAN/WOMAN … DON’T TALK TO ME LIKE DAT!!”

Sales. If machines are going to be making a lot of cheaper goods, show up with sales skills to sale them … and the integrity to be trusted. What about thrift shops? A lot of us have lost our game…. absolutely NO hustling skills. If there’s going to be an increased number of poor people… then that’s a market! They’ll need shelters and food and people who know how to manage them.

Social Workers, psychologist, therapist, counselors and case managers. BANG. This should be our gravy train. DO NOT EVER MAJOR IN SOCIOLOGY. Waste of time and money. I’d even pass on the psychology degree unless you’re over 50 and you need to get a Ph.D. so you can talk and/or write for a living. You need a license. (SOCIAL WORK, or one of the various therapist or psychotherapist disciplines.) After that, there’s an 18 month Non-Profit Management Certificate … so you can open up your own place… a place where you CAN’T get fired … but .. if you mess up, you can lose you business.

Geriatric Social Workerslook at all these people getting old! Nobody wants to start a nursing home or a senior home. There’s always half-way houses for teens and the emotionally disturbed. Get a few of them and you you’re a millionaire.

Information Technology (IT )… yes, there’s already a lot more blacks graduating with IT degrees than many people think. And we know there are hiring problems with “Diversity” in places like Silicon Valley… BUT, using those skills to create your own business or livelihood is an awesome opportunity. Speak more to Black IT Professionals about it on this Facebook Forum.

I didn’t mean for this post to become a talk about careers, but rather one intended on opening the mind to how the future is changing and how you/we need to position oneself to surf the waves of change rather than be sunk by them.

Daniel Quinn wrote a great little book on how to live and prosper during times of societal change. “Beyond Civilization.”