“Krishnamurti once said that “it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” However, being born and brought up in such a society, most people don’t realize that it is sick, let alone that they are part of this sickness, just like fish, which, living in water, don’t realize that they are in it and part of the sea life.” – The Unbound Spirit

Isn’t that a great title for an article on hayseed humor …with plenty of country tropes like, “Alcohol you later,” and “that bar is more popular than boiled crawfish.” Well, since this is a Travel Blog and we’re in a period of, “Shelter In Place”… the journey is both inward and lateral, so I’m remembering what made life difficult in past journeys so I won’t have to keep getting the same karmic, “spiritual ass whippings.”

I imaging that this is a very difficult time for those in their first year of recovery where it’s advised to attend at least ONE AA or NA Meeting each and every day. Rule of thumb is, “How often did you drink?” Or… how often did you crave a drink….

I haven’t had a drink in 36 years… but I made a desperate decision in my 33rd year that paid off… but one I do NOT advise anyone else to do… unless they have over… 25 years of constant sobriety. It’s important to note that my decision came at the advice of my Recovery Guru Dr. Gabor Mate.

Basically, I had gone as far as I could with 12-Steps. But more, my PTSD Anxiety and Panic attacks were getting worse. But it wasn’t just me– Depression, Anxiety and a host of other mental maladies are burgeoning on both sides of the Atlantic… and dominant culture is in denial why it’s the Western world and the societies they influence are in such Dis-Ease.

There’s a lot of talk about the Opioid, Meth, Heroine, Fentanyl, Cocaine (powder and Crack), Oxytocin and other pharmaceutical pill epidemics. Doctors are throwing their arms up at how many bodies are collecting in city morgues, but we hear nothing about the fact that alcohol related deaths are THREE TIMES WORSE.

The deaths caused by COVID-19 are a drop in the bucket to the number of people dying from the “pandemics” of drug overdoes, homelessness, and the violence caused by Personality Disorders. Rap and Hip Hop lyrics have greatly changed Black American culture and influenced young people of every ethnicity worldwide. Never in the history of the world has a music genre been the backdrop and influence of misery and deaths, yet those raised on it continue to be in denial that it is not “normal” to have songs glorifying, “Kill-a-Nigger” and misogynistic referring to their women as bitches and “ho’s”. The greatest love these high school dropouts can conceptualize is “fuggin'”.

These FOOLS are NOT –cannot– be our Leaders!

NOTE: The above photo comes from Public Television station KQED that promotes Rapper, Mozzy’s newest album, “Beyond Bullet Proof.” This during the same week that PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) is televising a two-hour, airbrushing, white washing production of Chief Huck-a-Buck Clarence Thomas... that is ALL …. “in his own words”. It’s clear that the CIA “owns” all “Public Media.” ( NPR now stands for “National Propaganda Radio”.) So people have to guard their eyes and ears … because “Evil” is an Archetype and a force in the Universe– and its contagious.

Glorifying drugs and alcohol … and Food addiction, porn addiction, et al, are tools that lead to numbing out… and increases the inability to face one’s real problems and issues and grow–rather than self-destruct. The “Evil Twins” of Russia and China (and other USA-Hating countries) flood the internet with bogus articles that promote ideas like, “50 Shades of Bullshit (Grey)” is a well written book and men really ARE like its sociopathic hero. So now millions of women looking for love think pain and torture is just the kind of “Kink” they need to, “Get Right.”

What I’m trying to say is that traveling… in search of some distant Shangri-La isn’t going to work. Crazy is now Global. The pandemic of mental illnesses and drug/ alcohol addiction… and the associated acid of Criminality means that the masses aren’t sick enough yet to be, “sick and tired of being sick and tired… they haven’t bottomed out yet. Plus there’s a new baby boom of kids being born to parents who aren’t ready to change or seek help. So living with … troubled people (including myself) can often feel like living in a trash compacter called, “SOCIETY”. Perhaps Amy Winehouse should be the collective Icon of Modern Technocratic Society and her song, “They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab…” should be the Anthem of the New World Order.

"Majority of Alcoholics are somewhere on the Borderline spectrum." ~ Robert Moore, the greatest Jungian since Jung.

Yesterday People

Personally the greatest lost I grieve in all this is a decent place to live where I can enjoy the people in the houses around me. (Strange to word it that way… like the idea of being “neighborly” is an outdated idea for idiots.

I’m writing this in the middle of May of 2020, but while the behavior confused me for almost three years (at least) it’s clear that the generation that grew up during the last 10 years (Millennials) and their Rap loving Gen X parents are… different. The culture had changed. The narcissistic Borderlines who did the school shootings as a result of increased bullying became a “norm” they had to deal with.

They want to think of you as being dumb as fu*k, yet they seem incapable of learning any new or different pattern of living. They don’t see that you’re onto them, because they don’t WANT to see. They “self-sooth” by invading your boundaries, destroying your peace of mind, feelings of safety, and pulling down your reputation. It keeps them from looking at them selves.

Yesterday People. The more Borderline and Anti-Socials among them always want to keep you in yesterday. If they found you did something embarrassing– real or made up– regardless of how hypocritical they are, they ALWAYS want that to be the only subject about you. They don’t want to hear your side of the story. They don’t even want to tell you theirs… or what the gossip they’ve heard is… they just want to stupidly keep harping … “duh… duh… you remember yesterday…” (Yesterday could be 2 years ago or 20 years ago…but these biscuit brains haven’t moved on…. not with their lives so why should you with yours?)

We Live In Orwellian Times

George Orwell’s dystopian novel, “1984” is here. The Social Engineering Oligarchs aren’t satisfied with people accepting 2+2 =5 … they have to BELIEVE IT. Look at how many idiots believe ideas just as absurd, like:

  • Gangsa Rap is the way REAL Black folks live
  • White men came to this country and did all this by themselves
  • The Bible was written by God
  • Kimberly Kardashian is classy
  • I don’t need no job
  • Gossiping doesn’t harm me… just the one who “deserves it”…
  • Women don’t need no man to raise a (well adjusted) family
  • Living in the Projects and going to prison is what REAL black people do
  • Jesus was white and his Black Madonna mother was… black??
  • All men are dogs
  • Pythagoras and/ or Euclid was the father of Geometry…. 5,000 years AFTER the last pyramid was built…
  • Trump is an honest man looking out for the little guy
  • God is against Homosexuality, Bisexuality and Transsexuals… but the Angels have both genders and God is of all genders…
  • Watching TV makes me smarter…

These are just a few of “today’s truths”… and to believe them, your father AND your uncles had to be raping you when you were two. Okay… that’s a bit harsh. But we’re also living in Ray Bradburry’s, Fahrenheit 451. They won’t have to bun books… they’re just going to stop publishing and selling them. (Remember, FIVE corporations own everything now. In five years?)

Conservative “Jungian” psychologist Jordan Peterson said the the most common ways to go crazy are:

  • Repression. If you repress any part of your psyche, you destabilize it and will take much work to regain balance in one’s … new life.
  • The Lie. The lie I need a therapist to help me see–and to accept about myself.
  • And of course the third is Trauma. Almost everyone experiences some form of Early Childhood Trauma. The trick is, were we given the tools that made us resilient enough to overcome them and cope with the adversities of life that others bend or break under?

I’m loosely comparing various degrees of mental illness with Alcoholism… because … they are. Actually addiction is a symptom of deeper maladies of the mind and most often are present themselves as co-occurring with other mental problems… like Personality Disorders. But literally, while all around us people are losing their minds and increasingly being “possessed” by negative aspects of the archetypes within their own psyches, this… collapse of culture is actually ripe with blessings and full of opportunities. Empires come and go… like Respiratory infections.

Beyond Civilization (subtitled Humanity’s Next Great Adventure) was written in 1999 by Daniel Quinn explores different ways of humans living and cooperating together other than, “civilization.” He expands on different ways to do Intentional Communities, Co-Ops, Communes, eco-villages. Ecoregional Democracy,Tribal Communities,

"Quinn finds it peculiar that the working masses in our culture have often historically been moved to rebellion against their hierarchal oppressors but never moved to simply walking away from the system of hierarchy itself, which will lead time after time to the majority's displeasure. He also makes use of an analogy of "pyramid-building" to represent the idea of our culture's people perpetuating a system which repeatedly fails them because they see no alternative: they think they must continue to "build pyramids" even when they overthrow the despots who originated such an idea. He claims that they also see themselves as having no choice in the matter, as if "pyramid-building" is somehow inherently a part of human nature."

When Quinn argued in 1999 that modern civilization is not working and will ultimately self-destruct, as evidenced by escalating worldwide trends such as environmental collapse, social unrest caused by hierarchal social structures, disparity between the rich and poor, development of ever-greater weapons of mass destruction, unsustainable human population growth, unsustainable agricultural practices, and unsustainable resource exploitation of all kinds, he might been a prophet.

The combination of corrupt money laundering through buying condos and apartments worldwide… then keeping them empty as investments has caused rents to skyrocket and made potentially homeless people to strike out on the road and live in vans and RV’s where they have the choice to join with other modern gypsies or keep traveling and working where and when needed. Others are building tiny homes, and putting them on cheap patches of land and even joining with other tiny homers to “tribe” with. It’s important to note that there are many ways to tribe with like minded people without living physically with or near them.,, BUT… humans are social animals and alone, we tend to self-destruct.

So the Third Wave of Psychedelic Renaissance has arrived. Psychedelics led to the development of religion, spiritual consciousness and here they are again, but not in the hands of priests … but spewing froth from research labs and doctors who have developed protocols that take healing the mind further than greedy Big Pharm comes close to. Psychedelics are the best hope for GROUP healing and increasing GROUP awareness… not just expanding personal awareness.

What most people don’t realize is that if Traditional -Fundamentalist culture was all it’s cracked up to be, it wouldn’t have led us to asylum we now find ourselves in. Like King Arthur’s Table, Mainstream culture always needs The Outsiders… the non-conformist, the artist, freaks, Queers, the LGBTQ’s to come up with new, out-the-box ideas that REVITALIZE culture … or perhaps now… to conceptualize completely new and healthier ways to live as true humans… and not “Neo-Serfs